Tanked dunks viewers into the high-decibel, family-owned business of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), one of the country's leading and most successful builders of aquariums. Led by ...

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - Tanked
"A quarantine tank for some hands on clients has the ATM team wishing for solitary confinement, Brett buys a clunker to build a car theme tank in record time without considering the consequences, and Brett is nervous to use his new scuba skills."
"Wayde and Brett explore the other side of the law and design a 1000 gallon mob inspired tank, Heather reluctantly enters a shark tank to help place inserts, and the ATM team gives a relocated New York family a one of a kind NYC themed Phone Booth Aquarium."
"A fish feeding problem turns into an all-day affair, a tank on hydraulics gives a new business a lift and makes waves with a hidden engagement ring, and the owner of a free standing 1950s diner gives some heavy demands for a tank to match the d\u00e9cor."
"A 57,000 gallon tank for a mega church is finally complete and ready to be baptized by Wayde and Brett; a engaged girlfriend surprises her fiance with a keg tank for his man cave; and Brett adds some uninvited flare to a lawyer's reception desk shark tank."
"A request for a Feng Shui tank has Brett rearranging the office and on everyone's last nerve; a custom overhead bed tank for an little boy brings the ATM team to tears; and Heather gets her revenge tenfold by having Wayde & Brett go on a caged shark dive."
"A skateboard ramp tank has Wayde & Brett grinding their gears to find a solution to keep the acrylic from scratching; The ATM team builds a surprise octopus tank for Wayde's birthday; and Vegas weather is threatening a meltdown on an outdoor gumball tank."
Season 2 - Tanked
"Wayde and Brett are back home in New York visiting a long time client to go over the install of a shark tank for his newly constructed orthodontist office. Later, the boys come up with a display tank for an appliance store that will wow its customers."
"Wayde and Brett take a walk on the techy side by building a tank for a state-of-the-art robotic systems company in Massachusetts. On the flip side, they fly to Chicago, Illinois to meet up with pinball enthusiast, who needs a tank for his game room."
"Wayde and Brett build a show piece for a furniture store in North Carolina. In Las Vegas, the owner of Black Spade Tattoo Parlor wants a tank that will alleviate any ink newbies worries by creating a calming environment in an otherwise stressful place."
"Brett & Wayde look to hit this one out of the park with a tank inside a school bus for a Pensacola baseball team; a nail salon is looking to redefine acrylic; bad news hits when one tank drops, hopefully the other tank will impress."
"The guys talk about their favorite tanks, fish, and pranks from season 1, including behind the scenes stories and never before seen footage from all their favorite tanks."
"The guys go to Southern California to build a 35-foot-long marquee tank for Valley View Casino under a serious time crunch, then head back to Vegas for a freezing cold jellyfish tank inside of the Monte Carlo Minus 5 Ice Bar."
"The guys countdown their toughest tank builds from season 1. Brett and Wayde will take us through the sleepless nights, the experiments, and down and dirty moments that made some of the most amazing tanks you\u2019ve ever seen."
"Animals are welcome as Wayde and Brett get creative with three different tanks for Petco. Also, a Kiss-themed miniature golf course looks to hit a hole in one with a rockin\u2019 tank worthy of rock royalty."
"Wayde and Brett get one of their biggest clients and one of their smallest as they build tanks for Emmy award winning comedian Tracy Morgan and a little kid who's a big fan of ATM."
"The ATM duo must score a touchdown with NFL's Bart Scott and turn his ponds into \"Club Aqua\"."
"Wayde and Brett build a tank for a successful manufacturing company in Chicago that gives them the star treatment on a chartered flight. An interactive submarine tank for a Philly restaurant proves a bigger challenge than anticipated."
"The ATM family takes a walk down memory lane with fantastic tanks of the year. Sharing along the way what it takes to work alongside your wife, father, and brother-in-law."
"Neil Patrick Harris wants the boys at ATM to build a tank based on Harry Houdini\u2019s famous water escape at the exclusive Magic Castle club in Los Angeles. Back in Las Vegas, Wayde has big plans for his 15 year wedding anniversary."
"Wayde and Brett embark on a journey back in time, reflecting on their not-so-average experiences building tanks across America."
Season 3 - Tanked
"Jackass creator, Jeff Tremaine, gets a tank gnarly enough to be the centerpiece of this prankster's man cave and back east, Tropical Smoothie Caf\u00e9 gets a sweet treat for its customers."
"Love is in the Air when Las Vegas Weddings asks ATM to build an Old-Vegas themed tank and Heather & Wayde renew their wedding vows. At St. Leo University in Florida, it's gonna take some real brains to get a giant tank into a new student common area."
"Brett and Wayde visit New York to create a Cleopatra-inspired tank for a boutique hotel in the Catskill Mountains. In New Jersey, the boys are challenged to build a Lava Lamp tank for the headquarters of Spencer's Gifts."
"Brett and Wayde play with when fire they make a tank for the Fairleigh Dickinson Devils. When the Devils ask for flames inside the tank, there\u2019s no saying no or else. Back in Vegas, a team of hat makers want a super-sized top hat aquarium to be their sh"
"ATM plans tries to blast off with a Rocket Ship Tank complete with launch pad, countdown, and a smoke machine- but will they be cleared for takeoff? Plus vineyard owners present the ultimate challenge when they request a tank made from a rickety old wagon"
"Wayde and Brett get physical when they build a multi-activity tank for a fitness mogul. Down South, the guys are building an enormous hexagonal shaped tank for a casino in Alabama, which must include a scaled replica of a historical lighthouse."
"Wayde and Brett have the coveted task of creating a temporary tank for NBA star, Dwyane Wade, as he launches his new shoe line. In North Carolina, Wayde and Brett will tackle a sushi and burger filled aquarium for Cowfish Restaurant."
"Wayde and Brett dive into a brand new undertaking transporting a fully operational beer fermenter. The guys head south to create an iconic donut-shaped tank inspired by the renowned Dunkin' Donuts."
"Wayde and Brett tackle a strange request for a syringe-shaped aquarium for Cooper Family Medical in Florida. The guys have their most difficult client yet, themselves. ATM moved into a new shop and must build themselves an aquarium."
"Wayde and Brett let Redneck show off his RV knowledge by designing an RV aquarium. The guys have outdone themselves with a tank that is home to some of the deadliest creatures around. ATM builds a massive indoor aquarium that houses both gators and sharks"
"Wayde and Brett are recruited by Westfield Mall to fabricate two tanks including a Navy-inspired sailboat aquarium to spice up the mall\u2019s new food court. Back in Vegas the Popcorn Girl commissions ATM to transform a vintage popcorn maker into a tank."
"Wayde and Brett take a trip down memory lane when a Coney Island Applebee\u2019s requests a tank that pays homage to Coney Island while the area rebuilds in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Back in Vegas, Freed\u2019s Bakery requests a cake display case aquarium."
"Wayde and Brett recreate a spine insert for an aquarium that will stand tall in a rehabilitation facility\u2019s office. In Southern California, they bring a little piece of nature into a doctor\u2019s office when they create an underwater forest."
"Wayde and Brett join Las Vegas\u2019 First Friday street fair when they develop a photo booth into a aquarium for the 24 hour event. Across the nation at Nationwide Children\u2019s Hospital the guys create an underwater wonderland."
"Go behind the paparazzi\u2019s flashbulbs to see some of the amazing tanks Brett & Wayde have built for Hollywood elite. The massive shark tank for Tracy Morgan, the Houdini themed aquarium for Neil Patrick Harris, and a namesake tank for Rock Gods, KISS."
"Ocean waves are being molded out of acrylic when ATM brings a realistic reef into a luxury condo complex. Then the guys build a tank in the shape of cooling knee brace complete with realistic looking ice . Wayde offers an incentive to his employees."
"Wayde and Brett head to Camp Oak at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa and are challenged to build an aquarium inside the trunk of an oak tree. Back in Las Vegas a Halloween store\u2019s request for a coffin tank brings out the scare tactics in everyone. Boo!"
"Wayde and Brett put their creativity to the test when a client requests an 8-piece drum set tank that is fully playable. At the Lahaina Grill, the Hawaiian-born owners want to bring a little piece of the island back to their new bar."
"Wayde wants to keep things FRESH at ATM - With his team and his tanks! To keep his ATM team motivated he\u2019s sending them to team building boot camp in hopes they can all learn to better work together to pull off two incredible salt water tanks!"
"Funnyman Tracy Morgan was so impressed by his ATM shark tank that he\u2019s coming back for round two! This time, it\u2019s a new home for his beloved octopus. To get this tank installed on time, Brett and Wayde will have to move in with Tracy for a few days!"
Season 4 - Tanked
"Brett and Wayde are challenged to turn an entire Toyota Highlander into an aquarium while simultaneously opening a new ATM office in South Florida. Brett decides to turn a vintage slot machine into a tank to bring a little bit of Vegas to South Florida."
"NASCAR champ Ryan Newman and his wife, Krissie, ask for a desk aquarium for an animal-rescue facility in North Carolina; baseball player Shane Victorino wants a Hawaiian-theme tank for his home, but the finished product may not fit through the door."
"The Las Vegas Natural History Museum wants an aquarium that features a carousel with seahorses, while a wine-and-spirits shop in Latham, N.Y., requests a tank in the shape of a giant bottle. Also: Wayde's nervous about his daughter's first date."
"Brett and Wayde revisit some of the most unthinkable items the ATM crew has turned into tanks over the years. They share never before seen footage that documents the challenge of creating some of the most unconventional tanks."
"A tank that's a working phone is built for a communications company at a trade show in Las Vegas; a client wants an aquarium that can also function as a doghouse. Also: Wayde and Brett come down with the flu, so Brett's dad is put in charge of the office, much to the staff's chagrin."
"A restaurant in Florida requests a tank that resembles a giant wave; a Las Vegas barbecue joint wants a cylindrical aquarium with a pig's head and feet."
"The Acrylic Tank Manufacturing staff recalls their favorite tanks."
"Wayde and Brett partner up with a servingware company to build a unique table tank to display at a Vegas tradeshow; Crab Corner wants a replica crabbing boat aquarium."
"A look back at some of the unforgettable tanks inspired by moments in history."
"Wayde and Brett travel to the heart of Alabama to build a giant center bar aquarium for the owners of Creek Casino. This tank marks ATM's 10,000th tank and one of the largest they've ever built!"
"Marine wildlife artist Guy Harvey asks ATM to create an aquarium for a Florida resort that's big enough for guests to snorkel inside it. Meanwhile, back in Las Vegas, Brett's dad thinks about retiring because he doesn't like how he's being treated, but no one believes him."
Season 5 - Tanked
"The guys face their biggest challenge yet after Wayde bumps into basketball legend and four-time NBA Champion Shaquille O'Neal who requests an aquarium built inside the front end of a semi truck."
"Baseball legend Pete Rose wants Riverfront Stadium transformed into an aquarium, but his fianc\u00e9e will not let the guys install Pete's dream tank inside their house. Wayde & Heather travel to South Carolina to build a huge aquarium."
"World famous Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo has asked Wayde and Brett to build her not one but two aquariums in a single week! The first is a mermaid tank in the heart of their living room and the other a Koi pond in her backyard."
"Brett and Wayde build a dragon-guarded gem-filled aquarium for a family in California. A few hours away the guys go on a mission to build an army tank, tank!"
"Drag queen Frank Marino, spokesperson for the Vegas bedding store, Holy Sheets, asks Wayde & Brett to create a bed tank that will make customers want to sleep with the fishes. In Perdido Key, FL the guys build a Pirate Ship tank."
"ATM tackles one of their largest builds to date as they create two connecting tanks that total nearly 250,000 gallons of water for an aquarium attraction in Florida where visitors can dive with sharks."
"Wayde & Brett build a 1,500-gallon aquarium into the restaurant ceiling at the Royal Blues Hotel in Florida that can also be seen from the hotel's pool. In Seattle the guys build a tank for worldwide internet sensation Henri the Cat."
"In this Fish-a-palooza special, we're sharing facts about the coolest and craziest fish we've built tanks for including rare sea creatures, exotic fish, and feisty crabs."
"TV star Mario Lopez & the guys of ATM come together to transform a 90's coin-operated video game into an interactive aquarium featuring an exercise bike. In Vegas, an illusionist asks ATM to build him a tank for his latest show."
"Hollywood actor and producer Wilmer Valderrama asks the guys to build a unique tank with multiple angles and slanted sides. In Grand Rapids, Michigan a health center wants a tank that mimics the city's famous rapids."
"Wayde & Brett visit some of their old clients who have new tank challenges. Jackass producer Jeff Tremaine has trouble feeding the eels in his tank, and the clients at Malibu Winery had a fire that damaged their outdoor aquarium."
"Wayde & Brett ring in the holiday season and kick up the heat when they build a beefed up tank for a jerky store. The guys head to Florida to install a pub-themed tank for an Irish Family bar, but luck is not on their side."
Season 6 - Tanked
"Comedian Howie Mandel wants a tank for his production office, but he can't decide on what kind he's looking for, so Brett and Wayde are on their own with the design."
"NBA star Dwight Howard requests a fish tank and a new home for his pet snakes at his Texas mansion."
"Comedian Gabriel Iglesias requests a tank inspired by his fascination with Volkswagen buses for his remodeled office, but the job is interrupted by a robbery at ATM's headquarters."
"The NFL's Marshawn Lynch wants a tank inspired by his clothing brand."
"Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham wants ATM to build a theater-themed tank with a submerged working chandelier, starring his characters Peanut, Walter and Achmed."
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Season 9 - Tanked
"Wayde & Brett are building 2 centerpiece tanks for hip hop star Akon's new dream house. Everything must be perfect before Akon can move in. Will they get the job done or will their dreams of hip hop stardom derail Akon's dream build?"
"Wayde & Brett are making a tank for Hip Hop artist Tyga. In honor of his hit single Rack City, Wayde & Brett set out to find a way to fill a tank with cash. Will they leave Tyga feeling like a million bucks or come up shortchanged?"
"Erika Girardi from the hit TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills needs a tank. Also known as Erika Jayne, this Diva knows exactly what she wants and that's an octopus!"
"World famous DJ Steve Aoki wants to get Tanked! But this job will be way harder than pressing play. Steve wants a custom, 3-headed dragon inside his tank! The guys have to make sure this job is as outrageous as the DJ himself."
"Brittany Kerr, wife of country superstar Jason Aldean, wants Wayde and Brett to surprise her husband with a fish tank. The great outdoors themed tank has to be a total secret and built before Jason returns from his tour."
"Snap On Tools is hosting their annual convention and needs ATM\u2019s help to wow their attendees. And, Las Vegas restaurant Nacho Daddy has demanded a custom terrarium."
"Wayde & Brett get into the patriotic spirit when Olympic basketball phenom Paul George gives them a call. He wants 2 identical fish tanks next to his indoor pond, & he wants it done by the time he gets home from the Olympics in Rio."
"7 foot tall NBA Star Hassan Whiteside knows a thing or two about what it means to be BIG. He tasks Wayde & Brett with building him a tank SO BIG it won't fit through the front door & has to be delivered to his Miami pad on a barge!"
"The Thumb is not your ordinary gas station. This one stop shop sells BBQ & their renovation won\u2019t be complete without a custom fish tank. Wayde & Brett are ready for dessert when Las Vegas\u2019 own Donut Bar calls with a plan for a tank."
09 Dec 2016
"Brett and Wayde go to Florida to observe a company that maintains aquatic habitats of all sizes, and tag along when a gator exhibit needs an emergency repair. Also: a vodka distillery gets ..."
16 Dec 2016
"Wayde and Brett team up with Australian Pop star, Alli Simpson to help spread some holiday cheer. They travel to Flint, Michigan to donate an incredible aquarium to the Children's Miracle Network and the Hurley Children's Hospital."
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Season 10 - Tanked
"When WWE Superstar Chris Jericho wants a tank for his family, he calls aquatic champions Wayde & Brett to make it happen. He wants a replica championship belt & List of Jericho in the tank. Will they be victorious or put on the List?"
"Things are about to get fishy for world famous filmmaker Kevin Smith. He has two turtles & one tortoise that desperately need a new home. Kevin dreams of a tank that can house both, but they require two different living environments."
"Wayde & Brett have a huge job on their hands, 5,000 gallons huge! Computer component manufacturer Samtec wants ATM to build them an aquarium unlike any other: a 20-foot-long shark tank with exact replicas of their products inside."
"Actress, activist, & entrepreneur Alyssa Milano takes time out her busy schedule to ask Wayde & Brett to create a tank for her family. The boys must bring their A game to give her everything, including a wine rack built into the tank."
"ATM loves DJ Ashba! The rock star wants a tank for his new retail store, but he needs it ASAP. DJ will be hosting a grand opening party & the tank will be the centerpiece. Will Wayde & Brett make his deadline?"
"Hip-hop artist Ty Dolla $ign wants a tank in his house in Long Beach! He calls in Wayde and Brett to construct a huge freshwater tank. Complete with a real rock insert, perfect replicas of Ty's awards, and embedded into a wall."
"The Laketown Wharf resort in Panama City Beach wants a nautical-themed fish tank to be the centerpiece of its new restaurant! With a weathered dock look and colorful sea turtle sculptures this cylindrical tank is bound to be a hit!"
"Brett and Wayde get called to New Jersey for a tank emergency for world famous music producer, Wyclef Jean. This founder of the legendary group the Fugees has not one but two tanks that could really use ATM's help!"
"Las Vegas Coin Laundry wants an aquarium that will knock customers' socks off. A tank built into a real washer\/dryer unit just like the others in their store! An Optometrist wants an eye-popping underwater world for their patients."
"Wayde & Brett are going head-to-head on this one. They both want a one-of-a-kind, extreme pond in their backyard. This duo is keeping everything top secret from each other. Only one family can reign supreme. Let the battle begin!"
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Season 11 - Tanked
"The ATM crew pulls out all the stops to keep NFL superstar Antonio Brown motivated with an aquarium and an end zone dance."
"The San Francisco Giants commission the ATM crew to recreate McCovey Cove inside of a tank large enough to impress loyal fans."
"Basketball legend Dwight Howard returns to the ATM crew for a habitat large enough to house all 14 of his snakes."
"The ATM crew must not only impress NFL superstar, Adrian Peterson, but also his wife with a fully decorated tank that fits perfectly in their wall."
"Wayde and Brett are designing a tank for the San Jose Sharks hockey team! With replica hockey gear, the San Jose Sharks logo and of course sharks! With the start of the season approaching, will the boys score a goal or end up in the penalty box?"
"ATM has been so busy they could use a glass of wine! Good thing their next tank is on a vineyard. CEO of Jordan Winery wants a beautiful reef tank to live on his winery. After all, what's better than sipping on a merlot and watching the ocean?"
"Wayde and Brett are designing an all-new aquarium for NBA superstar Anthony Davis! ATM has their work cut out for them in order to please the power forward who wants to transform an entire room into an aquarium."
"The ATM crew races for the finish line when a Las Vegas amusement park commissions a 20 foot long tank featuring the lost city of Atlantis to celebrate 25 years in business."
"Rapper and actor Ludacris is ready to get Tanked! He wants Brett and Wayde to build him a classy and sophisticated aquarium with lots of exotic fish. It's a race against the clock to get Ludacris his new aquarium."
"The Holiday season is here and so is another huge client for ATM! CEO of Zappos thinks his employees deserve a nap room! Wayde and Brett accept the challenge to make a 24-foot-long tank with individual sleeping pods."
Season 12 - Tanked
"R&B singer Keyshia Cole is literally dreaming of a beautiful saltwater aquarium in her home and wants to make it a reality! Luckily for ATM, Keyshia's social media followers led her to them! Will Wayde and Brett be able to fulfill Keyshia's dream?"
"Donut Mania is Brett's newest business venture and they are about to have their grand opening. Wayde and the whole team want to congratulate him with a surprise fish tank!"
"Businessman Brad Jennings is building a new office and wants to top it off with three tanks from ATM! Wayde and Brett are challenged to come up with three complementary interiors and one even has a working fireplace!"
"Former boxing champ Fernando Vargas asks Wayde and Brett to make a boxing glove-shape tank for his gym in Las Vegas, but this challenge goes well beyond the ring."
"California restaurant Mel's Drive In wants a tank for their new location in Santa Monica. The owners want a nostalgic feel and a ton of insert pieces that represent Mel's storied history while pointing to the restaurant's future."
"Howie Mandel has reached out to ATM for another tank! Only this time it's a surprise for his manager's company. 3 Arts Entertainment already has an existing tank but it needs a serious upgrade."
"The Mob Museum makes Wayde and Brett an offer they can't refuse! They want a tank with replica sunken rumrunner for their prohibition exhibit and speakeasy in downtown Las Vegas."
Season 14 - Tanked
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Season 15 - Tanked
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Season 34 - Tanked
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